Rust How To Break Wooden Doors [Reasons & Solutions]

Rust How To Break Wooden Door

Rust is harmful to any metal object, which can destroy a door and windows. However, the risk of rusting is very low in a wooden door. Many may not know how rust breaks the wooden door. We know that rust occurs not only in metal objects but also in many cases; it can damage wooden doors too.

Many metallic accessories are used to make a wooden door. If you cannot ensure proper preservation of the door, the accessories can be rusted. As a result, your wooden door may break down. So, it is not right to think there is no risk of rust on wooden doors.

Wooden doors are at the top of any homeowner’s list of preferences. But for some unfamiliar purpose, it can be ruined. Although rust does not completely break a wooden door, it needs to be repaired. This article will tell you how rust damages wooden doors and its solution.  

7 Parts Of Wooden Door Hardware That Can Be Rusted:

Although rust is a harmful element, it cannot harm the wood. But yes, some hardware is used on wooden doors, which can damage the door if rusted. In very rare cases, rust causes a wooden door to break.

However, some hardware acts as a door frame that makes the door useless when broken. Below I have discussed some of the metal hardware used in wooden doors that risk rust.

1. Door Frame

The door frame is the whole structure of a door, which is made of different materials. You can add a metal frame to your wooden door and a wooden frame to the metal door if you want. If your wooden door frame is made of metal, it is prone to rust. If there is rust in a frame, it can break the door.

2. Handle

A handle is a piece of hardware used to open and close a door. We never put a wooden handle on a wooden door; we use a metal handle. While it is not uncommon for metal objects to rust, excessive levels can cause the object to deteriorate completely.

3. Mortise Plates 

The part of the door that is locked is the mortise that is made of metal. There is a risk of rust on this part of the wooden door, but it does not break the door. However, try to clean this part as soon as it gets rusty, otherwise, you may have to change this accessory. 

4. Hinge 

The hinge is used to assign the door to the door frame, which is the pivot point for moving the door. It is an important part of any door that can rust for various reasons. Rusting on the hinges can cause your wooden door to break.

5. Lockset

The lockset is an important piece of hardware for any door that ensures your internal security. Locksets are always metal, so there is a risk of rust. Since a lockset is attached directly to a wooden door, there is a risk of rusting the door. 

6. Strike Plates

To properly lock your door deadbolt, you need to install a strike plate that will protect your home. A strike plate is important hardware for any door, including wood. Rust can affect your interior protection, even if it doesn’t damage your door. 

7. Escutcheon

An escutcheon surrounds your door keyhole or lock cylinder, known as part of a lockset. If rusted, it does not damage the door, but you may get stuck or break the key, so this part needs to be taken care of.

Common Causes Of Wooden Doors Rust:

Metal hardware used in a wooden door can rust and damage your wooden door. Rust can cause the object to gradually deteriorate completely, causing the wooden door to become stuck or become useless. Causes of rust on wooden doors are:

  • Inferior Hardware

Some have low-quality hardware that is easily corroded. Many homeowners use low-quality hardware on wooden doors to save some money. As a result, they become infected with rust within a few days of planting. However, if you use high-quality hardware, it will not rust easily.

  • Water or Water Vapor

In most cases, rust is caused by exposure to water or water vapor. If your wooden door hardware gets watery and the water stays frozen for a long time, it can rust. Often, rainwater comes on the outside door of the house, which can cause rust on the door. 

  • A Long Time closed door

Some wooden doors are not used regularly, which is another major cause of rust. If your wooden door is not used for a long time, its hardware may rust. Due to its long closure, its metal parts cannot be ventilated, so doors should be used occasionally. 

How To Remove Wooden Doors Rust? (5 Easy Steps)

Rust results from a chemical reaction that can be a dangerous substance, so remove the rust as soon as possible. However, many people do not know the correct rules for rust removal, as a result, they cannot protect their doors from rust. Here I am discussing the process of rust removal of wooden doors in a few simple steps- let’s get to know the process without delay: 

Step-1: Remove The Rusty Hardware

If you want, you can also remove the rust on the door. However, it is better to remove that part to remove the rust of the wooden door. Otherwise, it will not make your house dirty. But If you remove all rust hardware before cleaning the work will be much easier. Hence, before starting work, carefully separate the rusty hardware from the door. 

Step-2: Rub With A Wire Brush

Rust cannot be removed with a cloth or paper, so take a wire brush. Now rub the rusty part well and take the rusty cotton. Since the wire brush is quite stiff, ensure no friction in the rust-free area. You can also rust by scrubbing with steel wool if you want. Remember that once this step is completed, the rust will not go away completely, so don’t worry. 

Step-3: Soak In Cola Drinks

You may be surprised at this step, but yes, here I am talking about the use of cola drinks. This drink contains phosphoric and carbonic acids, which effectively remove rust. Put some cola drinks in a pot and soak the rusty metal in it for a few hours. You may have to soak it in cola for up to one day if necessary. 

Step-4: Clean With Liquid Dishwash

The rust will soften as a result of dipping in the cola. Then clean the liquid hardware of any brand of liquid dishwasher. When cleaning, make sure that no rust stains remain. Thoroughly clean the hardware and wash it with normal water.

Step-5: Dry Well

Once the hardware is well washed, it is important to dry it well. Therefore, dry the hardware well before re-installing. If possible, you can dry it in the sun for a while. Because rust can happen again if they are wet. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Rust Really Break Down Wooden Doors?

Although rust cannot harm wood, it can be harmful to the hardware used on wooden doors. However, there is no risk of breaking the wooden door. The door may become useless if the hardware rusts, but it will not break. 

If you replace the rusted parts, it will be best for your wooden door. For example, if your door hinges rust, your door won’t break, but you can’t use it. But if you change the hinges and put in a new hinge, the problem will be solved. 

Do All The Doors Rust?

Rust is an element that can destroy an object, just as it is quite harmful to a door. However, it does not do much damage to the wooden door. However, if your door is metallic, rust can be terrible for you. 

Rust can build up on all doors, as no door can be made without fully metal hardware. The only difference is that there is a risk of rust on the entire metal door, which is not present in the wooden door. Wooden doors only have a risk of rust on hardware. 

Which Lubricant Is Best For Door Hinges?

Rust on the door hinges can cause the door to get stuck so you can prevent rust by lubricating it. You can choose one of the best lubricant options for door rust removal here, and I am recommending plumber grease and silicone spray. 

Plumber grease is odorless and would be great for lubricating your door hinges. On the other hand, silicone spray is less messy, but you can apply it very easily. For ease of use, you can choose silicone spray. 

Can You Prevent Rust On a Wooden Door?

There are many easy methods to prevent rust on your wooden door. You can install a drip cap on the door that will not allow moisture to accumulate on your door from rain and snow. Another effective way to prevent rust is to use a rust-proof primer. Some parts can also be protected from rust-through painting.

Always keep the door clean as dust and dirt can also cause rust. Rust can also be prevented by wiping or washing the door to remove dirt and debris if necessary. Rust will never damage your door if you take care of the important parts of your wooden door in the right way regularly. 

How Do You Detect Rust On a Wooden Door?

While rust is easy to detect, rusting wooden doors can be a bit of a hassle. Because most of the metal parts of the wooden door are almost invisible, for instance- a wooden door is at risk of rusting on hinges or other hardware. Since the hinge disappears due to closing the door, it is not always visible.

But when you see the door feel a little hard to put, check its hinges. It is rusty if the hinges look rough or have large orange-red spots. Similarly, inspect other parts of the door and if you notice any red spots, clean them quickly. 

When To Avoid Wooden Door Rust Removal?

When we see the door hinges or other parts starting to rust, we need to take steps to remove them. You can easily remove rust from the door by subsequent just a few steps. However, if the amount of pepper increases too much, it becomes impossible to remove it.

You may be able to remove the rust with some effort, but this can cause more damage to your door. When you see that the rust has grown wide, replace those parts without removing them. Excess rust makes it very difficult to clean, and cleaning them can cause your door parts to rust. 

Can You Get Rid Of Rust In Your Wooden Door?

Although getting rid of rust in your wooden door is a bit difficult, it is not impossible. You need to take the right steps when you see rust stains on your wooden door hinges or other metal parts. You can quickly remove the rust stains using a single wire brush, this will not increase the rust.

You can also apply a coating of rust-proof primer to all of its metal hardware when you make the wooden door. It will keep you from rusting for a long time, but you will need to check the door from time to time. 


I have discussed rust how to break wooden doors, which is important for all homeowners to know. If you made a wooden door, you may think it is not risky to rust. If you think so, your thinking is wrong. 

Although we know that rust does not break down wooden doors, some parts may break down if there is excess rust. However, if you keep the door clean regularly, you will be able to keep it away from rust. 

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