Where to Get Ash Wood Spiritfarer: Ultimate Guide

Where to Get Ash Wood Spiritfarer

To find Ash Wood in Spiritfarer, explore the Oxbury region beyond the rock barrier. Ash trees grow there.

Additionally, you can obtain ash planks by using the Crusher, which requires crushing olives or sunflower seeds. The Oxbury region is crucial for gathering the necessary materials. In Spiritfarer, locating Ash Wood is essential for progression and crafting. The Oxbury region holds the key to finding Ash trees and resources like ash planks.

By exploring this area, players can gather the needed materials to enhance their gameplay experience. Understanding where to find Ash Wood in Spiritfarer is vital for navigating the game efficiently and enjoying all it has to offer.

Introduction To Ash Wood In Spiritfarer

To find Ash Wood in Spiritfarer, head to the Oxbury region, beyond the rock barrier. Look for Ash trees to gather the wood needed for crafting. Additionally, you can obtain Ash logs from crates in the same area. Explore and gather the materials for your journey.

The Importance Of Ash Wood

Ash wood is a crucial resource in Spiritfarer, essential for crafting various items and structures.

Overview Of Its Uses

Ash wood in Spiritfarer is primarily used for constructing buildings, such as the Crusher, and crafting different items like planks.

Where to Get Ash Wood Spiritfarer

Starting Your Quest For Ash Wood

Embarking on a quest for Ash Wood in Spiritfarer can be an exciting and rewarding journey. Ash Wood is a vital resource for crafting various items and upgrades, making it essential for progressing in the game. To aid you in your quest for Ash Wood, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to help you get started on this adventure.

Preparing For The Journey

Before venturing out to find Ash Wood, it’s crucial to ensure that you are adequately prepared for the expedition. This includes stocking up on essential supplies and upgrading your tools and abilities to navigate the challenges that await.

Key Items And Upgrades Needed

As you prepare for your quest, certain key items and upgrades will significantly enhance your ability to locate and obtain Ash Wood. These may include specialized tools, resources, and knowledge of specific locations where Ash Wood can be found.

Navigating To The Oxbury Region

Exploring the mystical Oxbury region in Spiritfarer unveils a treasure trove of resources, including the coveted Ash Wood. This valuable material can be found in abundance beyond the rock barrier that separates this region from the rest of the map.

Unlocking The Rock Barrier

To access the Oxbury region and discover the rich reserves of Ash Wood, you must first seek a way to dismantle the imposing rock barrier that guards the entrance. Once you’ve unlocked this barrier, a world of opportunities for gathering resources, including Ash Wood, awaits you.

Exploring The Islands South Of Oxbury

Heading south of Oxbury leads you to a cluster of islands teeming with Ash trees. While exploring this area, keep an eye out for these valuable trees that bear the precious Ash Wood. Remember to tread carefully and respect the environment while harvesting this essential material for your crafting needs.

Locations To Find Ash Trees

When it comes to finding ash trees in Spiritfarer, there are specific locations where you can obtain the valuable resource. Whether you’re in search of ash logs or looking to harvest the trees for ash planks, certain areas in the game offer plentiful opportunities to gather the much-needed ash wood. In this guide, we’ll explore the various locations where you can find ash trees and gather the essential materials for your crafting needs.

Ambertown Park And Oxbury

Ambertown Park is a prime location for sourcing ash trees in Spiritfarer. This scenic area is home to several ash trees, providing ample opportunities for players to obtain ash logs and other related resources. Additionally, the region of Oxbury, located beyond the rock barrier, is another noteworthy area where ash trees can be found. Exploring Oxbury will yield valuable opportunities for acquiring ash wood, making it a crucial destination for players seeking these resources.

Sunspring Square And Surrounding Areas

Another prominent location for finding ash trees in Spiritfarer is Sunspring Square and its surrounding areas. This vibrant locale is home to a few ash trees, offering players the chance to harvest ash logs and other associated materials. Additionally, crates in the region may also contain ash logs, providing an alternative method for obtaining this essential resource. As you explore Sunspring Square and its environs, keep an eye out for these valuable ash trees and crates to gather the necessary materials for your crafting endeavors.

Alternative Ways To Acquire Ash Logs

When it comes to obtaining ash logs in Spiritfarer, there are a few alternative methods that can help you in your quest. In this guide, we will explore two of these methods: looting crates in the Oxbury region and utilizing the Turtle Sisters for more logs.

Looting Crates In The Oxbury Region

If you’re in search of ash logs, the Oxbury region is a great place to start. Here, you can find crates scattered throughout the area that may contain valuable resources, including ash logs. These crates can be looted by interacting with them, providing you with a chance to gather the much-needed ash logs for your crafting needs.

Utilizing Turtle Sisters For More Logs

Another way to acquire ash logs is by making use of the Turtle Sisters. These friendly creatures can be found on islands south of Oxbury, and they offer a unique opportunity to obtain more logs. By interacting with the turtles, you can ask them to dive underwater and retrieve logs for you. This can be a handy method to gather additional ash logs without having to search for crates or cut down trees.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for alternative ways to acquire ash logs in Spiritfarer, consider looting crates in the Oxbury region and utilizing the Turtle Sisters. These methods can provide you with a steady supply of ash logs to fuel your crafting endeavors.

Processing Ash Logs Into Planks

Obtaining Ash Wood in Spiritfarer is a crucial step in the game, and one of the primary uses of Ash Wood is to process it into planks for various crafting purposes. Here’s how you can efficiently process Ash Logs into planks to fuel your Spiritfarer adventures.

Using The Sawmill

The most efficient method to process Ash Logs into planks is by using the Sawmill. The Sawmill is a vital tool that allows you to convert raw logs into usable planks for crafting. Simply interact with the Sawmill and select the Ash Logs to start the processing. Once completed, you will obtain Ash Planks ready for your crafting needs.

Recipes And Crafting With Ash Planks

Ash Planks serve as a fundamental resource for crafting various items and structures in Spiritfarer. Utilize Ash Planks in recipes to create essential items such as the Crusher, which is used to crush olives or sunflower seeds. Furthermore, Ash Planks are integral in constructing the Rock Destroyer, an essential tool for navigating through the game.

Advanced Tips And Tricks

To get Ash Wood in Spiritfarer, you need to explore the Oxbury region beyond the rock barrier. Look for Ash trees and cut them down to get Ash logs. You can also find Ash logs in crates in the region, and use turtles to get more.

When it comes to obtaining Ash Wood in Spiritfarer, advanced players know that having efficient strategies can make a significant difference. In this section, we will explore some advanced tips and tricks that will help you maximize your Ash Wood yield and navigate the world of Spiritfarer more effectively.

Maximizing Ash Wood Yield

To get the most out of your Ash Wood gathering efforts, it’s important to know where to find the ash trees in Spiritfarer. These trees can be found in the Oxbury region, beyond the rock barrier. Keep in mind that cutting down ash trees in certain areas, such as Ambertown Park, is not permitted.

One effective method to obtain Ash Wood is by cutting down Ash Trees on the islands or from the Turtle sisters. You can also find Ash Wood in crates scattered throughout the Oxbury region. Once you have obtained an Ash Log, you can use the turtles to acquire more logs.

Efficient Exploration Strategies

Efficient exploration is key to finding Ash Wood and other valuable resources in Spiritfarer. Here are some strategies to make your exploration more efficient:

  1. Focus on the Oxbury region: This area is known for its abundance of ash trees and crates containing Ash Wood. Prioritize exploring this region to maximize your yield.
  2. Utilize the Crusher: The Crusher is a valuable tool for obtaining Ash Planks, which are required for certain upgrades and crafting recipes. To use the Crusher, you’ll need to collect olives or sunflower seeds from the Oxbury region and crush them to obtain fats. These fats can then be used to create Ash Planks.
  3. Progress spirits’ storylines: By progressing the storylines of various spirits in Spiritfarer, you can unlock new areas and resources. Pay attention to the tasks and requests of each spirit to uncover hidden locations and valuable resources.

By following these advanced tips and tricks, you’ll be able to maximize your Ash Wood yield and efficiently navigate the world of Spiritfarer. Remember to always explore new areas and interact with the spirits to uncover hidden treasures and resources.

Beyond Ash Wood: Further Adventures In Spiritfarer

Embark on a journey beyond Ash Wood in Spiritfarer, where rare materials and new experiences await. Delve deeper into the world of Spiritfarer and uncover hidden treasures that will enrich your gameplay.

Exploring Other Rare Materials

Discover a multitude of rare materials beyond Ash Wood in Spiritfarer. From exotic ores to mystical gems, the world is brimming with unique resources waiting to be uncovered. Dive into the depths of the game to collect these precious materials and enhance your crafting abilities.

Continuing Your Journey With Spirits

As you venture further into the world of Spiritfarer, continue building relationships with the spirits you encounter. Each spirit has a unique story to tell and quests to complete, adding depth and richness to your gameplay experience. Strengthen your bond with these characters and unlock new adventures as you progress through the game.

Where to Get Ash Wood Spiritfarer

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Find Ash Wood Spiritfarer?

To find ash wood in Spiritfarer, look for ash trees in the Oxbury region. You can also obtain ash planks by crushing olives or sunflower seeds in the Crusher, which requires exploration of the Oxbury region. Additionally, you can find ash logs in crates in that area.

How Do You Get Ash Wood?

To get ash wood in Spiritfarer, explore the Oxbury region for ash trees. Use the Crusher to obtain ash planks from olives or sunflower seeds. Avoid cutting down trees in Ambertown Park, and look for logs in crates. Finally, use the turtles to gather more logs.

Where Can I Get Ash Logs?

You can find ash logs in the Oxbury region or the islands south of it. Look for them in Ambertown Park, Oxbury, Sunspring Square, and crates in that area. Remember not to cut down trees in Ambertown Park.

Where Do You Find Ash Trees?

Ash trees can be found in the Oxbury region of Spiritfarer. You can obtain ash wood by cutting down ash trees on islands or using crates in that region. It is also possible to get ash planks from the Crusher, which requires exploring the Oxbury region.


Finding ash wood in Spiritfarer can be a bit of a challenge, but it’s not impossible. The Oxbury region is where you’ll find ash trees, which are needed for crafting ash planks. Additionally, you can obtain ash logs from crates in the same region or by cutting down trees on islands.

With a bit of exploration and resourcefulness, you’ll be able to gather all the ash wood you need to progress in the game.

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