Can You Cut Laminate Flooring With a Circular Saw? [Proper Guide]

Can You Cut Laminate Flooring With a Circular Saw? [Proper Guide]

Laminate flooring is a popular choice for its durability and aesthetic appeal, but custom cuts may be necessary when fitting it into specific areas or around obstacles. However, can you cut laminate flooring with a circular saw

Yes, you can cut laminate flooring with a circular saw. Ensure you use a carbide-tipped blade suitable for laminate, set the saw’s depth slightly more profound than the flooring’s thickness, make precise measurements, mark the cuts, and guide the saw along the lines for clean, accurate results.

This article will guide you through the step-by-step process, ensuring you have the knowledge and confidence to tackle this task safely and achieve professional-looking results.

12 Steps To Cut Laminate Floor With a Circular Saw: 

You can trim laminates with a circular saw safely and precisely only if you follow the correct process. I have a step-by-step guide to guide you through the process so you do it right. Take a look. 

Step 1: Gather The Necessary Tools And Materials

You will need a circular saw, a carbide-tipped saw blade suitable for cutting laminate flooring, safety goggles, ear protection, a measuring tape, a pencil, and a straight edge.

Step 2: Prepare The Work Area

Clear the area where you will be cutting the laminate flooring. Make sure no obstacles or debris could interfere with the cutting process.

Step 3: Measure And Mark The Cuts

Use a measuring tape to determine the length of the cuts you need to make on the laminate flooring. Mark the measurements on the laminate using a pencil and a straight edge to ensure accuracy.

Step 4: Set The Depth Of The Circular Saw 

Adjust the depth of the circular saw blade so that it is slightly deeper than the thickness of the laminate flooring. This will prevent the saw from cutting into the subfloor.

Step 5: Position The Laminate Flooring

Place the laminate flooring on a stable work surface, with the marked cutting line aligned with the edge of the surface.

Step 6: Put On Safety Gear

Wear safety goggles and ear protection to protect yourself from flying debris or loud noise generated during cutting.

Step 7: Start The Circular Saw

Hold the circular saw firmly with both hands, ensuring a secure grip. Align the blade with the marked cutting line on the laminate flooring.

Step 8: Make The Cut

Slowly lower the circular saw blade onto the laminate flooring and cut along the marked line. Apply steady pressure and guide the saw straight, following the marked cutting line.

Step 9: Maintain Control And Stability

Keep the circular saw flat and level throughout the cutting process. Be mindful of the blade’s position and ensure it remains on the marked cutting line.

Step 10: Complete The Cut

Continue cutting along the marked line until you reach the end. Once you have completed the cut, release the power trigger on the circular saw and allow the blade to come to a complete stop before lifting it off the laminate flooring.

Step 11: Repeat The Process

Repeat steps 5 to 10 for each additional cut you need to make on the laminate flooring, ensuring that each cut is accurate and clean.

Step 12: Clean Up

Remove any wood chips or debris from the cut area and the surrounding work surface. Inspect the cut edges of the laminate flooring to ensure they are smooth and free from any roughness.

8 Tips To Cut Laminate Flooring With Circular Saw: For Precision

I have mastered different ways to achieve just the proper cut over the years. After experimenting and testing, I have learned some suitable lessons on how to get a precise cut with a circular saw. Take a look at my tips below.

  1. Use a carbide-tipped saw blade specifically designed for cutting laminate flooring.
  1. Set the depth of the circular saw blade slightly deeper than the thickness of the laminate to prevent cutting into the subfloor.
  1. Maintain a firm grip on the circular saw with both hands to ensure stability and control.
  1. Follow the marked cutting line carefully, guiding the saw in a straight path for clean and accurate cuts.
  1. Avoid applying excessive pressure or rushing the cut, leading to splintering or uneven edges.
  1. Use clamps or guides to keep the laminate in place and maintain a straight cutting line.
  1. Take breaks if needed to prevent the saw blade from overheating.
  1. Double-check the accuracy of each cut before moving on to the next one.

Related Question

Can I Cut Laminate Flooring Without Removing It From The Installation Area?

It is generally easier to cut laminate flooring before installation. However, if you need to make cuts on installed flooring, you can use a small circular saw or a multi-tool with a suitable blade. Take extra precautions to protect the surrounding flooring and ensure accurate measurements.

What Type Of Blade Should I Use For Cutting Laminate Flooring With A Circular Saw?

Using a carbide-tipped saw blade specifically designed for cutting laminate flooring is essential. These blades are designed to minimize chipping and provide smoother cuts.

Do I Need Special Safety Precautions When Cutting Laminate Flooring With A Circular Saw?

Yes, wearing safety goggles and ear protection is essential to protect yourself from debris and loud noise. Also, ensure a clear work area and a stable cutting surface.

How Do I Prevent Chipping Or Splintering When Cutting Laminate Flooring?

To minimize chipping, set the circular saw blade depth slightly deeper than the thickness of the laminate. You can also use masking tape along the cut line to further reduce the chances of chipping.

Can I Use A Jigsaw Or Hand Saw To Cut Laminate Flooring Instead Of A Circular Saw?

While a jigsaw or hand saw can be used for minor cuts or intricate shapes, a circular saw is generally more efficient for straight cuts in laminate flooring. It provides better control and faster cutting speed.


Cutting laminate flooring with a circular saw is a feasible and effective method. Adhering to safety precautions and maintaining control throughout the process will ensure clean and smooth results besides trusting the process.

Take time, double-check your measurements, and prioritize safety to cut laminate flooring with a circular saw successfully. With proper technique and attention to detail, you can easily accomplish the task and achieve the desired outcome for your flooring project.

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