Can You Use M18 Batteries on M12 Tools?: The Ultimate Compatibility Guide

Yes, M18 batteries can be used on M12 tools with an adapter. Milwaukee offers several battery adapters that allow users to operate their M12 tools with M18 batteries.

Milwaukee is a popular brand known for producing high-quality power tools. One of the concerns consumers have when purchasing power tools is battery compatibility. Milwaukee provides solutions to this concern by offering battery adapters that allow users to interchangeably use M18 and M12 batteries.

We will discuss the compatibility of M18 batteries and M12 tools and explore the use of Milwaukee battery adapters. We will also provide insights on how to determine the right battery for your M12 tool and tips on how to care for your Milwaukee batteries.

Milwaukee M18 And M12 Tools

Milwaukee M18 and M12 tools have different battery sizes and designs, which makes it impossible to use M18 batteries on M12 tools. However, Milwaukee offers a battery adapter that allows users to use M12 batteries on M18 tools. This can help you save money while using compatible tools for your projects.


Milwaukee M12 and M18 jigsaws are not interchangeable when it comes to batteries because their sizes are different. The M12 jigsaw requires a 12V lithium-ion battery, while the M18 jigsaw requires an 18V battery that is not compatible with the M12 jigsaw. However, the M12 jigsaw offers users a lightweight, easy to handle, and highly efficient tool for cutting through different materials, while the M18 jigsaw provides more power to cut faster and through thicker materials.


The Milwaukee M12 and M18 Sawzall are both compatible with either 12V or 18V lithium-ion batteries, but M12 batteries are not interchangeable with the M18 Sawzall and vice versa. The M18 Sawzall provides more power, faster cutting, and better accuracy, while the M12 is ideal for use in narrow and confined spaces.


Milwaukee has a wide range of lighting tools that are designed to work with M12 and M18 batteries. Whether you need a flashlight, a headlamp, or an area light, Milwaukee has a solution that can fit both M12 and M18 batteries, making it easy to switch between tools without having to worry about compatibility issues.


Milwaukee has a variety of cordless drills in its range of power tools, including both M12 and M18 drills. While M12 drills require 12V lithium-ion batteries, M18 drills require 18V lithium-ion batteries, and these batteries are not interchangeable. Nonetheless, both M12 and M18 drills offer users great value as they are easy to operate, compact, and lightweight.

Drill Comparison

When comparing Milwaukee M12 vs. M18 drills, there are some noticeable differences between the two. M18 drills provide more power, torque, and speed than M12 drills, making them better for larger projects that require more heavy-duty applications. M12 drills, on the other hand, are smaller and lighter in weight, making them ideal for smaller projects and for use in narrow or confined spaces. In conclusion, Milwaukee M12 and M18 tools are designed to offer users a wide range of options when it comes to power tools. Even though their batteries are not interchangeable, both M12 and M18 tools offer users great versatility and power to complete various DIY and professional projects. Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, Milwaukee M12 and M18 tools have something valuable to offer you.

Possible Solutions For M18 Batteries On M12 Tools Compatibility

Using M18 batteries on M12 tools could lead to compatibility issues. However, an easy solution is to get an M18 to M12 battery adapter, allowing you to use M18 batteries on M12 tools seamlessly. This adapter can easily plug into M12 tools and provide instant power from M18 batteries.

If you own both M18 and M12 tools, you might have wondered if you can use the M18 batteries on the M12 tools. Unfortunately, the answer is no, unless you have a way to adapt the batteries.

Battery Adapters

One solution is to use a battery adapter that allows you to connect the M18 battery to the M12 tool. There are various options available in the market, such as TPDL Battery Adapter, BTRUI Milwaukee Battery Adapter, Anztek Power Wheels Battery Adapter, and WITLIGHT Battery Adapter. These adapters are easy to use and provide a quick solution to your compatibility issue.

Milwaukee Battery Compatibility Chart

It is essential to know the Milwaukee battery compatibility chart to ensure the correct battery is used for the tool. The chart provides the details of which battery can be used with which tool. Using a mismatched battery may cause damage to the tool and the battery.

Battery Tools Compatible
M12 REDLITHIUM All M12 Tools
M18 REDLITHIUM All M18 Tools
M18 HIGH DEMAND 9.0 M18 FUEL Tools Only
M12 & M18 Starter Kit All M12 & M18 Tools

If you are still unsure about which battery to use for your tool, refer to the Milwaukee battery compatibility chart or contact their customer support for assistance.

In conclusion, M18 batteries cannot be used on M12 tools without an adapter. Battery adapters provide a quick fix, but it is important to ensure the correct battery is used for the tool to avoid any damage. Check the Milwaukee battery compatibility chart or contact customer support for further guidance.

Other Tool Brands Compatibility With Milwaukee Batteries

Milwaukee M18 batteries are not compatible with M12 tools, but there are battery adapters available. Some other tool brands, such as Bauer, may have batteries that are compatible with Milwaukee tools, but it is always best to check the compatibility chart to ensure safe use.

Milwaukee Compatible Tools

Milwaukee offers a wide range of power tools that are compatible with its own M18 and M12 batteries. The M18 batteries are designed for heavy-duty tasks, while the M12 batteries are ideal for lighter tasks. Some of the power tools that are compatible with Milwaukee batteries include:
  • M18 Fuel Impact Wrenches
  • M12 Fuel Impact Drivers
  • M18 Fuel Sawzalls
  • M12 Jigsaws
  • M18 LED Work Lights
  • M12 Cordless Drills
  • M18/12 Multi-Voltage Chargers

Do Milwaukee Batteries Fit Makita

No, Milwaukee batteries are not compatible with Makita tools. The battery packs between the major power tool makers are not interchangeable. Therefore, if you have a Makita power tool, you will need a Makita battery to run it.

Are Milwaukee Batteries Interchangeable With Bauer Tools

No, Milwaukee batteries are not interchangeable with Bauer tools. Bauer has its own line of batteries that are designed to work exclusively with its power tools. In conclusion, Milwaukee batteries are only compatible with Milwaukee power tools. If you have a tool from a different brand, you will need to purchase batteries that are specifically designed for that brand. Nonetheless, Milwaukee offers a broad range of power tools that are compatible with their M18 and M12 batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Can You Use M18 Batteries On M12 Tools

What Is The Difference Between M12 And M18 Batteries?

M12 and M18 batteries differ in voltage and size. M12 batteries are 12-volt and lightweight, suitable for compact tools with less power. M18 batteries are 18-volt, larger, and provide more power, ideal for heavier tools. They are not interchangeable between brands.

Can You Charge M18 And M12 Together?

Yes, you can charge M18 and M12 batteries together using the Milwaukee M18 & M12 charger. It is designed to charge both M18 and M12 batteries simultaneously, saving time on charging different batteries separately.

Do Milwaukee M12 Batteries Fit Other Brands?

Milwaukee M12 batteries are not compatible with other brands’ batteries since the packs between major power tool makers are not interchangeable.

Will A Milwaukee Battery Fit A Dewalt?

No, Milwaukee and Dewalt battery packs are not interchangeable. The battery packs of different powertool manufacturers are not compatible with each other.


To sum it up, while M18 and M12 tools may have their own exclusive advantages and downsides, it is possible to use M18 batteries on M12 tools. However, this requires an adapter that can be bought separately. This ensures that you can have access to more power for your M12 power tools while also saving money on buying additional batteries.

Ultimately, the choice between M18 and M12 batteries comes down to personal preference and the type of projects you are working on.

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