Get secure countertops with Countertop Screws

Countertop Screws

Countertop screws are used to attach countertops to base cabinets securely. Additionally, countertop connectors, furniture fastening connectors, table top fasteners, joint connectors, bed connecting kits, and furniture connectors are also used for this purpose.

These screws come in various types, such as Phillips Drywall Coarse, Torx Wood, and Cabinet Screw. To install countertops, apply construction adhesive and slide the countertop into place, ensuring it aligns with the cabinets’ front. Bolt the countertop pieces together, clamp them in place, and add countertop support brackets if needed.

Amazon, Lowe’s, and Rockler Woodworking and Hardware are some of the stores that sell countertop screws and connectors.

Types Of Countertop Screws

When it comes to installing a countertop, having the right screws is crucial. There are different types of screws available, each with their own unique properties and benefits. Below are three common types of countertop screws:

Phillips Drywall Coarse Screws

Phillips Drywall Coarse Screws are one of the most common types of screws used for countertops. These screws are versatile, easy to use, and have excellent holding power. They are available in various lengths and diameters, making them suitable for different countertop thicknesses. These screws have a sharp point that makes them easy to drive into wood or other materials.

Torx Wood Screws

Torx Wood Screws, also known as Star Drive Screws, are another popular choice for countertop installation. These screws have six points in a star-shaped pattern, providing better torque transfer and reduced slippage. Torx Wood Screws are resistant

Countertop Screws

Where To Buy Countertop Screws

If you’re looking for countertop screws, Lowe’s and Amazon have a wide variety of options including Phillips Drywall Coarse and Torx Wood screws starting at $5. 98 for 100 count. You can also find special connectors like the Countertop Connector or Bed Rail Fastener at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware.

As always, ensure you have the correct screws for your specific countertop material.


If you are looking for high-quality countertop screws, Lowe’s is the perfect store for you. With over 100 stores across the United States, Lowe’s has been a leading home improvement retailer for many years. You can choose the size and type of screws you need, including the popular 100 count Phillips Drywall Coarse and 100 count Torx Wood screws, which cost as low as $5.98 and $9.98, respectively.


Another great option for buying countertop screws online is Amazon. They offer a wide range of screws that you can choose from, including the Countertop Connector, Furniture Fastening Connectors, Table Top Fasteners, and many more. Amazon is also known for competitive prices, customer reviews, and 30-day returns. For example, adult bed rail is an excellent option for customers who need a strong and secure attachment for countertops, and it costs only $17.99.

Rockler Woodworking And Hardware

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is a specialty store that offers high-quality woodworking supplies, tools, and hardware, including countertop screws. Whether you are a professional woodworker or DIY enthusiast, Rockler has everything you need to get the job done, such as cabinet screws, countertop connectors, and other unique fastening systems. is a leading supplier of fasteners and other hardware products. They offer a wide selection of screws, bolts, and connectors designed specifically for countertops, tables, and furniture. One of the most popular products on their website is the Countertop Flip Connector Joint Connector Bed Connecting Kit & Furniture, which allows you to attach two pieces of countertop securely. is a great option for those looking for value-priced countertop screws. They offer a wide range of high-quality screws, such as GRK Fasteners Cabinet Screws, Securit Zinc Plated Countersunk Screws, and many more. You can choose from different sizes and colors that fit perfectly with your countertops and cabinets. Plus, the low price makes an unbeatable option for budget-conscious shoppers.

The Builders Supply

The Builders Supply is another store that offers a wide range of fasteners and supplies, including countertop screws. They have the Securit Zinc Plated Countersunk Screws at a great price, and it’s a perfect option for those looking for a secure and strong attachment for countertops. You can purchase a pack of 100 screws for only $5.54, and it comes with a 48% discount.

Overall, when it comes to buying countertop screws, these stores are some of the best options available in the market. With great selection, affordable prices, and high-quality products, you can rest assured that your countertops will be attached with secure and durable fasteners.

How To Install Countertops With Countertop Screws

Installing countertops with countertop screws requires careful measurement and pre-drilling of holes in both the countertop and the cabinetry. It is important to ensure a secure fit and prevent any shifting or movement of the countertop. Countertop screws can be found in various types and sizes to fit different materials and thicknesses.

If you’re looking to install a new countertop, you may be wondering what type of screws to use. Countertop screws are specially designed to keep your countertop securely in place, preventing any unwanted movement or shifting. Here’s how to install your countertops with countertop screws:

Step 1: Apply Construction Adhesive Along The Top Edge Of Cabinets

After ensuring that your cabinets are level, apply a continuous line of construction adhesive along the top edge of your cabinets. Be sure to use a high-quality construction adhesive that is specially formulated for use with countertops.

Step 2: Slide The Countertop Into Place And Align It With The Cabinets

Carefully slide the countertop into place, ensuring that the front of the countertop is aligned with the cabinets. Use shims to make any necessary adjustments, being careful not to push the countertop out of alignment.

Step 3: Screw And Bolt The Countertop Pieces Together

Once your countertop is correctly aligned, use countertop screws to screw and bolt the countertop pieces together. Countertop screws typically have a low profile to prevent any visible screws on the surface of your countertop. Be sure to drill pilot holes before inserting the screws to prevent any splitting.

Step 4: Clamp The Countertop In Place

After the countertop pieces are bolted together, clamp the countertop in place. Use a countertop-specific clamp designed for use with your specific countertop type and thickness. Tighten the clamp until it is snug, being careful not to damage the countertop.

Step 5 (if Necessary): Add Countertop Support Brackets

If your countertop requires additional support, consider adding countertop support brackets. There are a variety of bracket types available to suit different countertop types and thicknesses. Simply screw the brackets into place underneath the countertop, ensuring that they are properly spaced for maximum support.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your countertops are securely installed using countertop screws. Remember to use high-quality screws and adhesive for the best results.

Tips And Tricks For Using Countertop Screws

When using countertop screws, it’s important to choose the right kind of screw and understand how to install them properly. For example, you’ll need to use a phillips head screw for drywall, a torx screw for wood, and countertop connectors for attaching the countertop to the base.

Always be sure to follow manufacturer guidelines and use the appropriate tools to ensure a secure and lasting fit.

Countertop screws are an essential part of installing countertops, ensuring a secure fit and reliable hold. However, using them correctly can be a bit tricky. This article will explore tips and tricks to help you properly use countertop screws and avoid common mistakes during installation.

Choosing the Right Screw Size

The first step in using countertop screws is choosing the right size. The correct size will help the screws fit correctly and hold the countertop in place without damaging it. Typically, you will need screws that are at least 1.5 inches long and have a thickness of 10-12 gauge. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations when selecting the right screw size for your specific countertops.

Using a Drill to Ensure a Secure Fit

To ensure a secure fit, it’s essential to use a drill when installing your counters. One of the biggest mistakes people make is relying on a screwdriver which may not create enough torque to get the job done. By using a drill, you’ll be able to drill the screws into place at the perfect angle and depth resulting in a tight and secure hold.

Avoiding Over-Tightening

One of the most common mistakes people make when installing countertops with screws is over-tightening them. Over-tightening the screws can cause the material to crack, leading to a weak hold, and ultimately, it could break under pressure. To avoid this, use a drill to tighten the screws, but do not force them into place. Always stop tightening the screw once it has reached a secure and snug fit.

Correcting Common Installation Mistakes

In addition to these tips, there are other common installation mistakes that people make when installing countertops. Some of these mistakes include not properly aligning the counters with the cabinets or not supporting the countertop ends with brackets. Be sure to double-check all measurements and use brackets to support any overhang areas. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation to avoid these mistakes.

In Conclusion

Countertop screws are an essential part of installing countertops. By following these tips and tricks when installing your counters, you’ll be able to achieve a secure and long-lasting fit. Remember to choose the right screw size, use a drill, avoid over-tightening, and correct common installation mistakes to ensure your counters are installed correctly and securely.

Faqs About Countertop Screws

Learn more about countertop screws with these FAQs. What screws are used for countertops? How do you attach countertops to base cabinets? What are some types of countertop connectors to use? Get all the answers you need here.

What Screws Are Best For Countertops?

Countertop screws come in various sizes and types. Stainless steel screws are commonly used for countertops because they are rust-resistant and durable. Screws that are compatible with the thickness of your countertop and base cabinet are ideal. They should be long enough to securely fasten the countertop, without poking through the surface. Countertop connectors or joint connectors can also be used for more reinforcement.

How Do You Screw Laminate Countertops?

When installing a laminate countertop, it’s important to first apply adhesive to the top edge of the cabinet. After positioning the countertop on top of the base, drill a hole into the countertop and screw in the screw. Remember to drill the screw in where it will be covered by molding. To ensure stability, fasten the countertop at least every 16 inches or as recommended by the manufacturer.

What Screws To Fasten Countertop?

The best type of screw to fasten a countertop is dependent on the thickness of the countertop and base cabinet. For thin countertops, the use of wood screws is recommended. On the other hand, some prefer to use countertop connectors, furniture fastening connectors or bed connecting kit for more durability. Regardless of the type of screw used, it is important to ensure that they are the appropriate length to prevent damage to the countertop or base cabinet.

How Do You Attach Countertops To Base Cabinets?

The most recommended way to attach countertops to base cabinets is by using a construction adhesive. Apply the adhesive to the top edge of the cabinet, after which you can situate the countertop on top. Once you’ve positioned the countertop, carefully screw and bolt the countertop pieces together, making sure to clamp them in place if needed. For added stability, you can use countertop support brackets as well.

Countertop Screws Comparison Table
Retailer Product Price
Lowe’s Phillips Drywall Coarse Countertop Screws (100-count) $5.98
Amazon Countertop Connector, Furniture Fastening Connectors Table Top Fasteners, Countertop Flip Connector Joint Connector Bed Connecting Kit & Furniture $17.99
Lowe’s Torx Wood Countertop Screws (100-count) $9.98

Overall, the best screw for a countertop depends on the thickness and type of countertop and base cabinet. Stainless steel screws are popular for their durability, but it’s important to choose screws that are the right length to prevent damage to your countertop or base cabinet. Using adhesive and countertop support brackets can also provide stability and help fasten a countertop to its base cabinet.

Countertop Screws

Frequently Asked Questions On Countertop Screws

What Screws Are Used For Countertops?

Typically, 100-count Phillips drywall coarse or Torx wood screws are used to install countertops. However, there are countertop connectors and fastening kits available at home improvement stores or online retailers like Amazon. It’s also important to use construction adhesive along the top edge of cabinets and clamp the countertops in place while fastening them.

What Screws To Fasten Countertop?

Countertop screws can be Phillips or Torx and are used to fasten the countertop to the base cabinets. Drywall coarse screws and wood screws are popular choices, and countertop connectors, furniture fastening connectors, and joint connectors are also viable options.

Apply construction adhesive along the top edge of cabinets, slide the countertop into place, ensure front alignment with the cabinets, and clamp in place. Then screw and bolt together and add support brackets if needed.

How Do You Attach Countertops To Base Cabinets?

To attach countertops to base cabinets, apply construction adhesive along the top edge of the cabinets, slide the countertop into place, ensure alignment, then screw and bolt the countertop pieces together and clamp in place. Additionally, countertop support brackets can be added if needed, and countertop screws such as Phillips Drywall Coarse or Torx Wood screws can be used for fastening.

How Do You Screw Laminate Countertops?

To screw laminate countertops, apply construction adhesive along the top edge of the base cabinets, align the front of the countertop with the cabinets, and clamp & bolt the countertop pieces together. Use countertop support brackets and Phillips Drywall Coarse or Torx Wood screws based on your countertop material.

Countertop Fasteners or QwikDraw Countertop Connector & Clamp Pads can also be used.


Installing countertops can seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and hardware, it becomes an easy job. Countertop screws are an essential component of this project, and choosing the right one is crucial. Whether you are attaching butcher block countertops or installing laminate counters, the market offers various screws that cater to all your needs.

These screws ensure a steady and well-supported countertop, making your kitchen and bathroom counters safe and functional for years to come. Choose wisely and enjoy the benefits of a secure and beautiful countertop.

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