Which Way Do You Lay Wood Floors: Best Practices

Which Way Do You Lay Wood Floors

To make a room look bigger, lay wood floors lengthwise towards the opposite wall to elongate sight lines and create a neater appearance. This method visually enhances the space and gives the illusion of length.

Consider the direction of your main light source and frequently used entrance when deciding how to lay your flooring. Opt for wider wood boards and lay them parallel to the longest wall for a room-enhancing effect. By positioning the floorboards in this manner, you can make the room appear more spacious and inviting.

Following these tips can help you achieve a visually appealing and open feel in your living space.

Which Way Do You Lay Wood Floors

Frequently Asked Questions Of Which Way Do You Lay Wood Floors

What Direction Should Wood Flooring Be Laid?

To visually elongate your space, lay wood flooring lengthwise away from the door towards the opposite wall. For a cozier feel, lay the planks perpendicular to the entryway. Ensure the flooring aligns with the main light source or the most frequently used entrance.

Opt for the easiest installation direction if there are multiple doors and windows.

Should Flooring Run Horizontal Or Vertical?

For a visually elongated look, run wood flooring lengthwise from door to opposite wall. Opt for the vertical method.

Which Way Do You Lay Wood Floors To Make A Room Look Bigger?

Lay wood floors lengthwise from the door to the opposite wall, making the room seem larger. Position wide boards parallel to the longest wall for an elongated appearance.

Should Flooring Be Laying Lengthwise Or Widthwise?

For visual elongation, lay floorboards lengthwise, away from the door toward the opposite wall. This creates a larger and cleaner look. Ensure the direction aligns with the main light source and the most frequently used entrance for optimal effect. Avoid laying perpendicular to the joists for strong, sag-resistant flooring.


Incorporating the right layout for your wood floors can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your space. Running floorboards lengthwise can create a sense of elongation, making your home appear more spacious and organized. Consider aligning the planks parallel to the longest wall for a cleaner and elongated look.

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