Can You Put A Smaller Blade On A Miter Saw? [Know The Fact]

Can You Put A Smaller Blade On A Miter Saw

You may be wondering if it is possible to cut everything with any one type of blade. Smaller blades are used when you want to make a thinner cut. Using different-sized knives at variance stages of cutting is a common thing.

When a shallow depth cut is needed, a smaller blade is used on a miter saw.

It is a safe blade for the miter; the saw is less likely to suffer damage. The edges require an adjustment of the miter saw. But everyone should use the easy and convenient one to get the desired cut.

As a carpenter, you must know all about the blade contrasting on a miter saw. Here the article presents the guidance and the relatable questions about putting a trimmer blade on a miter saw. 

4 Prerequisites Before Putting A Smaller Blade On A Miter Saw:

Playing with a saw or blade-based material is not a piece of cake. You must know the unknown about putting a blade. Some prerequisites for fixing the sword in the miter saw are presented below:

1. Know Deeply:

Before working with this type of equipment, you should know it deeply. Try to know the details, rules, and nature of it. Use it for the fundamental practices; you can use it for your final work. If you don’t know about it, you can face any problem or danger while working with it.

2. Decide Your Cuts:

Different blades are used for other cuts or different materials for contrasting work. For example, you can use a small knife for a less deep cut, but it is essential to use a giant sword for a more deep amount. So, first, consider what you want to cut, how deep and smooth the rip you wish to, and decide the blade size and how many toothed knives to buy.

3. Selecting The Next Miter Saw Blade:

Next, observe and select which miter saw blade you want to insert. First, consider what you want to cut and which edge is enough. Different sizes of knives are slightly exceptional in terms of function.

The regular blade range in diameter is from 10 inches to 12 inches. Small or large verification should be done according to the type of work. But without recommendation, don’t use different kinds of blades on your miter saw.

4. Miter Saw Blade Teeth:

The teeth of the blade matter a lot, and the edge is subtly judged for the work. Usually, a large number of tooth blades have a great finishing cut. Again, if you don’t focus on finishing, you can choose a small number of tooth blades.

5. Disconnect The Power:

You must disconnect the power supply before working or adjusting the meter. The power meter is inserted into the saw with a plug. And when the power reaches, the blade rotation process starts. Disconnect the plug before changing the miter saw blade.

6 Steps To Put Smaller Blade On A Miter Saw: How To Guide

Now, you’re going to get a clear idea about putting a trimmer blade on a miter saw. Below is a simple guide to changing the sword on a miter saw. Follow the quick steps and try to change the miter saw blade:

Step 1: Unplugged The Miter Saw

First, you have to disconnect the miter saw from the electricity. For this, you should unplug the miter saw adequately. A hazard can occur if you change the blade while plugged in. Anyway, disconnect the plug from the power before anything else.

Step 2: Open The Spindle Cover

Before changing the blade, you have to lose and remove the cover. To remove the body, you have to open several screws. Rotate the miter saw and lift it upwards. Now open the screw and remove the cover. 

Step 3: Loosen The Screws And Nuts

Several screws and nuts attach the blade to the miter saw. Loosen these screws with a screwdriver. The same driver may not work. Separate the nuts and screws using different drivers for different screws. 

Step 4: Detach The Miter Saw Blade

Now you have to press the spindle lock. When the spindle is fully locked, the bolts are loose. Then it is easier to remove the saw blade from the miter saw. Thus, you can detach it to change the smaller miter saw blade.

Step 5: Fix The New Smaller Blade

Choose in advance which of the smaller blades you want to put. There are many types of small circle blades. What kind of cut do you need? Choose a knife accordingly. The size of a small blade is usually 7-¾ to 8-½  inches.

To install the smaller blade, you have to do the opposite of removing the direction. Exchange the washer and replace the bolts. Fix the smaller cutter and spindle cover. Tighten the bolts in the same way as removing them.  

Step 6: Hold Down The Spindle Cover

You have to hold down the spindle cover now. Use the same way of opening direction. Tighten the screws of the spindle lock. Thus, you complete the whole process of putting a trimmer blade on a miter saw. 

5 Advantages Of Putting A Smaller Blade On A Miter Saw:

Working with this type of saw is an excellent thing. There are a lot of advantages to putting a trimmer blade on a miter saw. The five advantages are described in the sections:

1. Easy And Safe Cuts:

You can efficiently work by installing a miter saw blade with a small knife. The small blade is adjusted with the miter saw hassle-free, and it is easy to maintain and work. A smaller knife is the safest way to avoid any damage. 

2. Portable:

Due to its small size, this type of blade is more portable so that it can be used effortlessly and effortlessly carried. This is convenient for those who are engaged in the work of others. After adjusting the miter saw, you can quickly move and use it.

3. Available And Affordable:

These are available anywhere because their usability is more. Smaller blades are more commonly used with the miter saw, so their availability is the highest. Smaller blades have more affordability and more advantages due to smaller knives, and with these, they are also more affordable.

4. Easy Adjustment:

The adjustment process is a piece of cake that everyone can handle effortlessly. You can easily adjust the trimmer blade on a miter saw. The installation process and maintenance process is easier than you might think. You can easily adjust with the miter saw and work by porting.

5. Beginner Friendly:

If you are a newbie in this work with a miter or saw, you must start with the lesser blade because it’s easy maintenance and installation. You don’t feel any hassle working with that. Easy portability is also a significant issue in making it beginner-friendly. 

Related Questions:

Does Blade Size Matter On A Miter Saw?

Blade size has a significant impact on a miter saw. Because the usual length of a miter saw is 8-12 inches and the blade size is also 8-12 inches. You have to select the miter blade according to the miter size.

Indeed, the size of the miter saw blade must be equal to or smaller than the size of the miter saw. It is an excellent consideration of blade size to put on a miter saw.

What’s The Purpose Of Using A Small Blade On A Miter Saw?

The primary purpose of using a trimmer blade on a miter saw is the cut at a shallow depth. Moreover, you can use that for easy and safe cuts. Without the purpose, you can use the miter blade if you are a new miter saw user. For portable and affordable use, you must use only a tiny knife.

How Many Teeth Do You Need On Your Miter Saw Blade?

A miter blade can have 100 teeth and a minimum of 50 teeth. However, a typical one-miter blade has 60-70 teeth. Smaller blades usually have 80-100 teeth, and more giant blades have 40-50 teeth. It depends on the type of miter blade you are using. Determine the miter blade depending on your desired cut.

Can You Put A 10-Inch Blade On A 12-Inch Miter Saw?

You can put a 10-inch blade on a 12-inch miter saw. Because the size of the miter saw edge must be equal to or smaller than the size of the miter saw. For this reason, you have to put a miter blade on a 12-inch miter saw which is 10 or 12 inches.

But putting a 12-inch blade on a 10-inch or 8-inch miter saw is impossible. So, it would be best if you remembered the size of the sword and miter saw.  

Can You Use A 7-Inch Blade On A 10-Inch Saw?

You can use a 7-inch miter blade on a 10-inch miter saw. Because as I said before, the size of the miter saw edge must be equal to or smaller than the size of the miter saw. You can put a 7-inch or 10-inch blade on a 10-inch miter saw.

You cannot use a 10-inch blade for a 7-inch miter saw. Considering the blade size while working on the miter saw is essential.

Final Words:

Miter blade size is a great matter to adjust on a miter saw. You have to fix the blade for a proper adjustment considering size matters. After reading the whole writing, I hope you have a clear idea about putting a trimmer blade on a miter saw.

Go ahead and gather the new experience. Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any queries about your new observation.

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