How To Finish A Wood Cutting Board? [The Easiest Way]

How To Finish A Wood Cutting Board

Here’s the discussion about the method to finish a wood cutting board. This process has to be done efficiently to make the wood cutting board more smooth and shiny. This type of wood cutting board may already be a little smooth, but this process makes it more bright and shiny.

These are just some of the goal-setting instructions that you can use. Hope every step of the way makes the job enjoyable for you. Maybe you purchase a cutting wooden board and you want to make it more smooth and shiny.

The following tips and tricks will help you finish your cutting board. What else would be convenient to do the work is discussed. This article can be a blessing for you if you follow it properly.

9 Simple Steps To Finish A Wood Cutting Board That Save Your Time: 

Here is the easiest way to finish a wood cutting board. This is the best process for you, as a step-by-step guideline. Hope this will ease your steps to finish a wood cutting board. So, let’s start it.

Step-1 What Necessary Things You Will Need:

You will need to collect some items to finish the wood cutting board. This will make it easier to get started and you will not have to waste time looking for things. A few tools besides wood cutting boards should be kept at hand. They are pointed out below:

  • Sander Machine;
  • Cutting Wood Oil;
  • Cloth Rags;
  • Grease Paper;
  • Wax.

Also, two more things are important:  patience and time. If you do not have enough patience, your wood cutting board will not maintain the standard quality. And enough time is needed because the more time you do the work, the more beautiful it will be.

Step-2 Using Sander Machine On the Wood Board:

Do you have any idea about the wood cutting sander machine to finish? It is used to smooth any wood. It helps to make it much smoother and polishing.  This electric tool will help you finish your wood cutting board. First, use this to level the uneven wood.

A sander machine is an electric machine with which the wood is polished. The wood you have purchased is already very smooth. Your goal is to make it even smoother. Increase the smoothness by repeatedly turning the wood cutting board and using the sander machine. Keep using it until it is smooth enough.

Step-3 Rub The Edges Of The Wood:

If you want, you can straighten the edges of the wood cutting board without keeping the corners. However, it will need to be cut wood. This further enhances the beauty of Wood’s edge. And it is also easy to use the sander machine. And if you have corners, smooth them out using grease.

Rub the edges of the wood with grease paper or any wood rubbing tool. If there are corners in the edges, it is not possible to use a sander machine. So rub with grease paper for the edges. Continue rubbing until it is smooth. It helps to make the wood shiny.

Step-4 Using Cutting Wood Oil:

Many affordable and popular high-quality cutting wood wells are available in the market. Need to use food-grade mineral wood oil. Massage a few drops of oil on the wood cutting board as needed. You can do it by hand or with a brush. 

However, it can also be done with rags. Apply oil well on both sides of the cutting wood in this way. You can do another job here if you want to do more than one wood polishing job together. You can soak the wood cutting board in a large container with oil. 

This will save you time and effort. Now rub well with a cotton rag. Rub until the oil is mixed with the wood. The wood will absorb the oil. This oil will give your wood cutting board a bright and shiny look.

Step-5 Using Wood Wax To Make It Attractive:

You will find wax in the market where wood polishing materials are sold. Wax makes your wood cutting board attractive and shiny. Wax is a mixture of wax and oil. For all these reasons, it is convenient to use wax on wood cutting boards. It contains a mixture of wax and oil in the ratio of 1:3 to 1:5.

How to use wood wax? Apply wood wax to the cotton cloth and gently attach it to the wooden board. Once applied to the entire wood, keep scrubbing the wooden board until the wax is absorbed. Use the wax frequently on the wood board. Scrub repeatedly to create a beautiful finish. Now when it is over, see how much brighter and shiny it is than before.

Step-6 Using Tung Oil For The Durability:

Tung oil is perfect to make the finish of wood durable. It is water-resistant and it makes the wooden board more fascinating. This tung Oil strengthens the wooden board. It is a solid substance that dries and hardens with wood. 

You can buy it in wood finishing shops under the name of Pung Oil. Just like other oils, it does not need to be used repeatedly. Only once you polish the wood board with a coating will you get a great result.

Step-7 Using Walnut Oil:

If you want to bring a dark reflection, you can use walnut oil on the wooden board. This will give the wood a darker hue which enhances the aesthetic feel.  Use this oil if your choice is something dark and aesthetic. 

Massage this oil with a cloth on the wooden board. You have to make sure that walnut oil is quality. It is perfect for your wood cutting board smoothie. Dry and stop polishing. This time the finishing work has been completed here.

Step-8 Using Polymerized Linseed Oil:

This is a good option to make your cutting wood board smoothie. It is also the best oil to make the wood cutting board strong and good finishing. This linseed oil is a good worker with a very reasonable price. 

You can use polymerized linseed oil but it’s not mandatory. Polymerized oil makes your cutting wood attractive and shiny. To get a great chance of finishing, you need to use linseed oil. However, you can try the linseed oil for a better result.

Step-9 Time To Dry For Several Hours:

The full process will not work out if you don’t give them time to dry for several hours. When the finishing work is done, put the wood on break for several hours. That is, give the polishing time to dry. After a few hours, it dries and then is applied. However, Your wood cutting board is ready to cut the food now.

Things You Should Consider While Finishing  A Wood Cutting Board 

The process of finishing a wood cutting board is quite time-consuming and labor-intensive. The things you should consider are given below:

  • Finishing Tools Material:

The material you are using on the wood cutting board should be considered sufficient or unnecessary for finishing. Because if you use things that do not fit with the wood cutting board, the quality of the board will be lost. It can ruin your hard work and time. So this is a vital part of the consideration.

  • Finishing Frequency:

Determining the tools according to whether you have the mentality of re-finishing makes the task easier. If you want to work with the same finish for a long time, you need to use the drawing finishing tool on the wood cutting board. And if you can finish after a few days, use the non-drawing finishing tool.

  • Durability:

The durability of wood cutting boards is a big consideration. This is related to the polishing tools and the efficiency of your work. If the work can be done smoothly, you can use the cutting board without any problem for a long time.

  • Wooden Cutting Board:

 Consider whether you have bought a cutting board or want to reuse it. Decide which material tools to use. If you use it, you have to wash and dry it with hot soapy water and then start finishing work. 

However, just washing the newly purchased wood cutting board with water is enough. It will also tell you how smooth it is and how strong it should be at work.

  • Your Choice:

What do you want your wood cutting board to look like? Aesthetic, glossy, dark, or light in color. These are your choices. Choose any oil and wax and use it on your wood cutting board. This will increase your joy in this work, you will not be uninterested.

  • Oil And Wax:

Different types of oils and waxes are available in the market. You can give importance to your choice but you have to have an idea about quality. For this, you can take the help of a wood finishing expert. Also, go ahead with the cooperation of experts by giving importance to your choice.  

5 Useful Tip And Tricks To Finish A Wood Cutting Board Like A Pro

Finishing a wooden board is not easy if you don’t have any skill with it. Some tips and tricks make your finishing process easier. It can save your time and you can do the job perfectly. So, some tips and tricks are given below:

Tip-1: Wash The Wood Cutting Board 

Wash the wood cutting board before starting to finish. It is best to wash the wood well before starting the wood finishing work. This removes the loose dirt from the wood and increases the ability of the wood polishing tool to absorb.

Tip-2: Use Gloves

Cutting wood oil, wax, etc. can be harmful to your skin. You can use gloves for this. This will protect the hand from harmful aspects. It is important to wear hand gloves while using the sander machine.

Tip-3: Wax It Perfectly

For a non-drying finish, you need to finish cutting your wood repeatedly.  Otherwise, water may get inside your cutting wood. Wax is perfect for this. Frequently using wax makes the wooden board water-resistant.

Tip-4: Make Sure It Clean Properly

You can wash the cutting wood with hot soapy water, by rubbing it with a soft brush, or by any other cleaner for finding it dirtier for this purpose.

Tip-5: Use Tung Oil

Using tung oil is the best trick to make your cutting board more durable. Many people don’t know the advantages of using it. However, finishing with tung oil is an easy way to reduce the brittleness of your wood cutting board. No need to use it frequently.

Related Questions About A Wood Cutting Board Finishing

What Are The Differences Between Finished And Unfinished Cutting Wood? 

There are drastic changes between finished and unfinished cutting wood boards. The differences of them are given below:

    Finished Cutting Wood Board  Unfinished Cutting Wood Board
Finished cutting wood boards tend to be smooth and shiny.It is comparatively uneven and dull compared to finished.
Water cannot get inside it.Water can get inside it while cutting food.
It requires hard work, patience, time, and expense.No hassle like finishing cutting wood boards.
Tools like oil, wax and a sander machine are needed.No need to collect any tools.
Strong, usable, durable.Relatively less strong and fragile.
Low-quality oils and waxes can be unsafe for food.No use of oil and wax.
It takes time, patience, and skill to finish.No need for any time, patience, or skill.

What Is The Best Finish For A Wooden Cutting Board?

The best finish of a wooden cutting board means a nice finishing process properly. If you follow the process mentioned above, you will feel that you have done the best processing. 

You can finish using wax with mineral oil. The wax mixture contains oil and water. Using a sander machine is also a good practice. Also, tung oil and linseed oil create an impressive look. This is the best finishing work for your wood cutting board.

What Is A Safe Finish For A Wood Cutting Board?

A safe finish means that the finishing process is done efficiently. You must know all the oils and wax that you will use for finishing. Low-cost and low-quality oil and wax can be found in wood finishing shops. Avoid them and try to maintain better quality. 

Know the correct way to use oil and wax and then use it. Also, give a good time to dry the oil and wax for a safe finish, and then prepare to use. Thus, you can maintain the safety issue to finish your wood cutting board.

What Finish Should Be Used On A Cutting Board Board?

Tung oil should be used on your cutting board. Because it increases the durability of cutting wood. In case of other oils and waxes and emergency finishing.  However, it is very important to use Tung Oil with other oils and waxes. This will make your cutting board strong, shiny, and aesthetic. 

Tung oil also has special properties that increase the durability of the cutting board. It is water-resistant, so water will not get into the wood when cutting food. Another advantage is that there is no problem in using Tung Oil again and again. Once used well enough for finishing.

How Do You Finish A Live Edge Wood Cutting Board?

The edges of the wood cutting board can be a little difficult to finish. And that’s why you have to do something simple. You brush the edges of the wood cutting board well with a brush.  

Then rub more firmly with sandpaper. Do this only when the edges of the wood are more uneven. Then use mineral spirits. Polish well with a cotton rag. This is how you can finish the live edge of your wood cutting board.

What Kind Of Oil Do You Use On A Wood Cutting Board?

There are many types of wood polishing or finishing tools available in the market for wood cutting boards. The most reliable oil is mineral oil. Make sure the mineral oil is food grade. 

Since you will buy food cutting wood for use on the board, it must be food-grade mineral oil. Every wood oil and wax you use should be considered standard. And for oil, choose mineral wood oil which is food grade.

Final Verdict:

So far, you have seen the easiest finishing process of the wood cutting board and how to deal with it. Do you find the phishing process easy now? I don’t think the work will be interrupted if you follow the instructions here. 

Let us know your wood cutting board finishing experience. If you have any more questions about this, please comment now. You will get the suspension as soon as possible.

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