6 Mil Vs 12 Mil Vinyl Plank Flooring: Ultimate Guide

6 Mil Vs 12 Mil Vinyl Plank Flooring

6 mil vinyl plank flooring is thinner and less durable than 12 mil vinyl plank flooring. Thicker options like 12 mil offer better longevity and resistance to wear.

Vinyl plank flooring comes in various thicknesses, with 6 mil and 12 mil being popular choices. The “mil” refers to the wear layer’s thickness, impacting durability and lifespan. Homeowners often choose 6 mil for areas with less foot traffic, like bedrooms.

For high-traffic spaces such as kitchens or living rooms, 12 mil provides better protection against scratches and dents. Thicker wear layers also enhance the flooring’s ability to withstand heavy furniture. Understanding the differences helps in making an informed decision based on the specific needs of each room.

Introduction To Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is a top choice for many homes. It is affordable and easy to install. The flooring is durable and looks like real wood. Many people love it for its waterproof qualities. It is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. The flooring is also low maintenance. A simple mop keeps it clean.

Thickness in vinyl plank flooring is important. It is measured in mils. A mil is one-thousandth of an inch. Thicker planks are more durable. They also feel more like real wood. Common thicknesses are 6 mil and 12 mil. Thicker planks cost more. But they last longer and provide better comfort.

Introduction To Vinyl Plank Flooring

Material Composition Of Vinyl Planks

Vinyl plank flooring comes in various thicknesses, with 6 mil and 12 mil options offering different levels of durability. Thicker 12 mil planks provide better wear resistance, ideal for high-traffic areas.

Core Materials

Vinyl planks have different core materials. The core gives strength to the plank. Some planks have a stone core. Others have a wood core. Stone cores are very strong. Wood cores are softer. A strong core is important for durability.

Wear Layer Significance

The wear layer protects the plank. A thicker wear layer lasts longer. 6 mil planks have a thinner wear layer. 12 mil planks have a thicker wear layer. Thicker layers resist scratches better. Pets and kids need thicker layers.

6 Mil Vinyl Plank Flooring

6 Mil vinyl plank flooring is often cheaper. It is good for low-traffic areas. These planks are usually easier to install. They are also lighter. But, they may wear out quickly in busy places. They might not be as durable. They can show scratches and dents more easily. They are best for rooms with less foot traffic. You might need to replace them sooner. They can be a budget-friendly choice for some.

6 Mil vinyl planks are great for bedrooms. They are also good for guest rooms. These planks work well in home offices. They fit nicely in areas with light use. Small apartments can use them too. They are perfect for spaces without heavy furniture. They suit places with few people walking. They are not ideal for busy kitchens. Also, avoid using them in hallways.

12 Mil Vinyl Plank Flooring

12 Mil vinyl plank flooring is more durable. It is thicker and offers better wear protection. This type of flooring can handle heavy foot traffic. It is less prone to scratches and dents.

But, it can be more expensive. The thicker material may also be harder to cut and install. This flooring may not be as flexible in tight spaces.

This flooring works well in busy areas. It is great for living rooms, kitchens, and hallways. It is also good for offices and commercial spaces. High-traffic areas benefit from its durability. It can handle the wear and tear of daily use.

Durability And Lifespan

6 mil vinyl plank flooring is thinner. It can wear out faster. Scratches and dents appear more easily. 12 mil vinyl plank flooring is thicker. It resists wear and tear better. It can handle more foot traffic.

12 mil vinyl flooring lasts longer. It withstands heavy use. 6 mil vinyl flooring may need replacing sooner. Thicker floors provide more protection. They keep their look longer.

Cost Considerations

6 Mil vinyl plank flooring often costs less than 12 Mil vinyl plank flooring. The price difference can be significant. For budget-conscious buyers, 6 Mil is attractive. It provides a cheaper option without breaking the bank. On the other hand, 12 Mil may offer better durability.

6 Mil flooring offers decent quality for its price. It is suitable for low-traffic areas. Yet, 12 Mil vinyl planks are more durable. They can withstand heavy foot traffic. This makes them a better investment for long-term use. Spending a bit more can save money in the long run.

Installation And Maintenance

6 mil vinyl plank flooring is light and easy to handle. It often comes with a click-lock system. This makes it simple for beginners to install. 12 mil vinyl plank flooring is thicker and heavier. It might need more effort to cut and place. Both types can be installed over most subfloors. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results. Use the right tools for a smooth installation process.

Regular cleaning is important for both 6 mil and 12 mil vinyl plank flooring. Use a soft broom or a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt. For spills, use a damp cloth to wipe them up quickly. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can damage the floor. Place mats at entrances to reduce dirt and debris. This helps in keeping the floor looking new for a long time.

Environmental Impact And Safety

Vinyl plank flooring can be eco-friendly. 6 mil and 12 mil options both use less wood. This helps save trees. Many vinyl planks are recyclable. This means they can be used again. Some brands use recycled materials. This reduces waste. Low-VOC options are better for the air. They have fewer chemicals. Choosing these can help the planet.

Low-VOC vinyl is safer for your health. It has fewer harmful chemicals. 6 mil and 12 mil planks can both have low VOCs. This makes the air cleaner. Phthalate-free options are also good. Phthalates can be harmful. It is important to check labels. Always look for safety certifications. These show the product is tested. Safe floors mean safe homes.

Aesthetics And Design Options

Vinyl plank flooring offers many style choices. You can choose from wood, stone, and tile looks. 6 mil vinyl planks often have fewer design options. 12 mil vinyl planks provide more detailed designs. This makes them look more real. The design layer is thicker in 12 mil options. It creates better visuals and texture. Many people prefer 12 mil for its realistic look. Both 6 mil and 12 mil can match any room style. They come in many colors and patterns.

Vinyl plank flooring can change a room’s look. 12 mil vinyl planks can make a room feel more luxurious. They have a more detailed design. 6 mil vinyl planks can still look nice. But they might not have the same high-end feel. Both types can fit any decor. They work well in living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Choosing the right plank can match your style and budget.

Choosing The Right Thickness For Your Project

6 mil vinyl plank flooring is great for low-traffic areas. It works well in bedrooms or guest rooms. 12 mil vinyl plank flooring is better for high-traffic areas. It is ideal for kitchens and living rooms. Think about how much foot traffic each room gets. Also, think about the type of furniture you have. Heavy furniture needs thicker flooring. Pets and kids can also affect your choice. Thicker planks handle wear and tear better.

Experts suggest using 6 mil flooring in less busy areas. This keeps costs low. They recommend 12 mil flooring for busy spaces. It lasts longer and looks better. Always follow the advice of flooring professionals. They know what works best for each room. Check warranties too. Thicker planks often have better warranties. This can save money in the long run.

Common Myths And Misconceptions

Many people believe thicker vinyl plank flooring is always better. This is not true. Thicker flooring does not always mean better quality. Both 6 mil and 12 mil can be durable. Quality of the wear layer matters more than the thickness.

6 mil vinyl plank flooring can last long in less busy areas. 12 mil flooring is better for high-traffic zones. Always check the product’s wear layer and warranty. Thicker does not mean more comfortable underfoot. The core material affects comfort more.

Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Both 6 mil and 12 mil vinyl plank flooring offer unique benefits. For high-traffic areas, opt for 12 mil for durability. For budget-friendly solutions, 6 mil suffices in low-traffic rooms.

Summarizing Key Points

6 mil vinyl plank flooring is great for areas with light foot traffic. It is often less expensive and easier to install. 12 mil vinyl plank flooring is more durable and better for high traffic areas. It can resist scratches and dents much better.

Making An Informed Decision

Consider the area where you plan to install the flooring. Choose 6 mil for bedrooms or guest rooms. Pick 12 mil for kitchens, hallways, and living rooms. Always check the warranty offered. A longer warranty usually means better quality. Think about your budget. 6 mil is more budget-friendly. 12 mil may cost more but lasts longer.

Final Thoughts And Recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will 6 Mil Vinyl Plank Flooring Last?

6 mil vinyl plank flooring typically lasts 10-15 years. Proper maintenance can extend its lifespan. High-traffic areas may see wear sooner.

How Long Will A 12 Mil Wear Layer Last?

A 12 mil wear layer can last 5-10 years. Longevity depends on foot traffic and maintenance.

What Thickness Of Vinyl Plank Flooring Is Best?

A thickness of 4-6mm is ideal for residential vinyl plank flooring. For high-traffic areas, choose 6-8mm for durability.

Is A 12 Mil Wear Layer Enough For Dogs?

A 12 mil wear layer can be sufficient for dogs, but a thicker layer is more durable and recommended for heavy traffic.


Choosing between 6 mil and 12 mil vinyl plank flooring depends on your needs. Thicker options offer better durability and comfort. Consider your budget, foot traffic, and aesthetic preferences. Both options are great, but 12 mil is ideal for high-traffic areas.

Make an informed choice for your flooring project.

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