Can You Cut Ceramic Tiles With A Circular Saw? [In Details Guide]

Can You Cut Ceramic Tiles With A Circular Saw

We often need to cut ceramic tiles to add decorative value or adjust tiles in spaces on flooring and walls. So, you need a cutting tool. But which is the best reaping tool right now? Can you cut ceramic tile with a circular saw? Every DIYer must know the answer to this query.

Circular saws can cut ceramic tiles effortlessly. It is one of the best options to cut large tiles without difficulty, with suitable blades and setup. If you want a precise cut, you can try it. However, it is better to learn the process before tile cutting.

To help you with the process, I have explained using a circular saw to cut ceramic tiles. Besides, I have added some more information that would help you through. 

Easiest Way To Cut Ceramic Tile With A Circular Saw: 5 Steps

You should follow some steps to cut ceramic tile using a circular saw effortlessly and accurately. I will guide you through the steps. Please look at how to do it and the tools I mention. 

Step 1: Mark The Cut Point

First, you have to decide what portion of the tile you want to cut. People mostly cut ceramic tile to adjust it on the floor, door, or corners. In that case, measure the portion you have left empty on the floor and put the measurement on the tile. 

With chalk or pencil, mark this measurement straight on the tile (preferably on the backside). Use a measuring tape or scale to draw the line straight and bold. 

Step 2: Setup And Prepare

Choose a flat surface, preferably ventilated, to do the task. You may use a sacrificial wooden plate to align the cutting line and the circular saw’s blade.

You have to put the circular saw body on the sacrificial plate, and the blade should be parallel to the cut line. Similarly, if you use the leveler, you must place the cut mark and blade parallel. These two tools ensure you cut on the right line and don’t accidentally make any mistakes. 

First, place the tile on the surface. Put the sacrificial plate on it and the circular saw in the correct alignment over that place. Be cautious about the height so that the blade adequately covers the entire cut mark. 

Step 3: Cut The Ceramic Tile

Once aligned, you can now turn on the circular saw. Please check the alignment of the blade and cut mark once again before operating the saw on the tile. 

Move the circular saw down on the tile and take it up immediately. This way, maintain an up-and-down motion to cut the ceramic tile accurately. Keep the speed minimum and steady initially if you are new to it. As you get used to the speed, you can slowly boost the speed. 

If you don’t find it convenient enough, you may like to adjust the height. One quick tip! Around the cut mark, you can envelop the tile with hard tape so that the pressure doesn’t crack the tile. 

Step 4: Smoothen The Edges

Once you see the tile parted, your main task is done. But you would probably want the edges and the cut to be as smooth as possible, right? This would make the installation easier and enhance the look.

To polish the edge of the tile, take a rubbing stone of your choice and gently rub the edges to remove the imperfections. The advantages would become plain and smooth by honing and polishing. 

Step 5: Clean The Mess

You must clean the site properly if you are doing the task indoors. Vacuum the area thoroughly, as ceramic tile dust can harm you. Then mop the flooring and the flat surface (where you have done the cut) to remove all residues and leave the space clean. 

4 Things To Know Before Cutting Tile With A Circular Saw

To make a perfect cut on the ceramic tile, you need to know a few things that would facilitate the process. Consider these things cautiously before cutting tile using a circular saw and do it smoothly.

1. The Blade Should Be Sharp

The blade has to be fine and sharp to perform a smooth and clean cut on the tile. With a dull knife, you would struggle to make an accurate cut as it would not penetrate the tile easily. 

2. Choose The Right Blade

A variety of blades for circular saws are available. You should choose the edge depending on the type of material you want to cut. For example, a carbide blade is designed to cut ceramic tile. 

3. Risk Of Chipping

Experts always recommend a wet cut to give a fine finish. But most circular saws perform a dry amount which is why the risk of chipping is high. To minimize this risk, you must only wrap the tile with hard tape and keep the cut mark bare. 

4. Types Of Circular Saws

There are a few types of circular saws suitable for cutting ceramic tiles. You should choose the one that you would be comfortable using. I will discuss the types of circular saws in the next section, from which you will get a rough idea. 

5 Types Of Circular Saw To Cut Ceramic Tile

There are a few types of circular saws available in the market. Look at the types of circular saws to understand which one you can use. Select the one that you can use easily. 

1. Mobile Wet Saw

A mobile wet saw is handy and valuable for cutting large tiles. Hose water makes the blade wet which performs a smooth cut efficiently. But the only issue is to keep control of the device. It is not fixed on any surface; it can be tricky and troublesome for beginners. 

2. Stationery Wet Saw

This is a table saw with a fixed blade that rotates as you turn on the device. The edge remains cool and wet as it has a water tank below. It would be best if you placed the tile on the rotating blade to cut the tile, which is quite challenging for beginners. 

3. Tabletop Saw

A tabletop saw can cut the tile quite smoothly and fine with the revolving tray and a sharp circular blade. Position the tile properly before the edge, and the cut will be done automatically. This device is quite handy and cuts tiles fast and smoothly. 

4. Sliding Table Saw

The sliding table saw helps cut through thick and large tiles. It has a large plate with a section to fix a suitable blade. You must place the tile on a large scale and slide the tile over the selected edge. You can cut tiles at angles too. A sliding table saw gives a fine and accurate cut. 

5. Bridge Saw

A bridge saw can be both large and small. It has a circular rotating blade on the tile to perform a fine cut. The saw is put on a platform, and the edge is lowered on the tile at a specific speed. This process is effective for cutting tiles of all sizes and types. 

Related Questions:

How Do You Cut Ceramic Tiles With A Circular Saw?

To cut a ceramic tile with a saw, you first need to place the tile on a flat platform. Next, use a bridge saw with a sharp blade to cut the ceramic tile. Lower the edge on the cut mark and perform the cut by moving it up and down. 

Another way to cut a ceramic tile is to operate a sliding table or a wet saw to shape the tile. These devices are pretty easy to use and give a fine cut.

How Do You Cut A Large Tile With A Circular Saw?

To cut a large tile using a circular saw, cut it with a wet tile saw which runs smoothly on the tile. A mobile wet saw is the best way to cut a large tile. Turn it on and run the blade on the tile where you want the cut. Keep your hand steady to make the cut precise. 

If you are uncomfortable using a mobile saw, go for a stationary one. As the blade keeps rotating, move the cut point through the edge to cut a large tile. 

What Is The Easiest Way To Cut Ceramic Tile?

The easiest and most effective way to cut ceramic tile is to use a wet tile saw. The process is safe as they remain calm and perform a soft cut. 

Besides a wet tile saw, beginners can use a bridge, and sliding table saw that are easy to operate and give a reasonably accurate cut without any problem. Though they perform a dry amount, the result would be satisfactory if the setup is correct. 

What Is The Best Blade To Cut Ceramic Tile?

The best blade to cut ceramic tile is the carbide blade which is sharp and delicate and cuts through the ceramic quickly. 

Some people prefer using a diamond blade as it is equally sharp and smooth to cut through ceramic tiles. You can use any one of these to perform an accurate cut. If not found, you may try using other tile blades designed for ceramic tile. 

How Do You Cut Ceramic Tiles With Circular Saw Without Chipping?

To avoid chipping while cutting ceramic, you should always use a sharp blade at a slow speed. It makes a soft and accurate cut. Another precaution is to place the blade parallel to the cutting point.

Besides, wrap the areas except for the cutting point with tape to prevent cracking.

Follow these tips to cut ceramic tiles without damaging them tile. 

Final Words:

Cutting ceramic tiles with a circular saw is not a difficult task. Following the process and tips mentioned above, you can get a precise cut on the ceramic tile without cracking. Follow the instructions for using each saw type and perform a perfect amount on the ceramic tile. 

Ready to cut the ceramic tile? Set up the saw now!

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