How To Dispose Of Old Circular Saw Blades? [With 8 Reuse Tips]

How To Dispose Of Old Circular Saw Blades

Circular saw blades are everyday things that need to be replaced from time to time. After removing the old one, you might think about how to dispose of old circular saw blades safely and without harming anyone. If you throw them outside, it might be dangerous for the passerby, the pathway cats, or dogs. 

However, there are hundreds of ways to replace or dispose of the older circular saw blade. Some pretend to sharpen their older saw blade with any hardwood sander. And then reuse those blades for light projects. Making a sharp knife or blades with those lifted circular saw blades for earning is another way to get rid of such headaches. 

Unlike this, below, I have discussed cool ideas you can use to dispose of the circular saw blade. Also, you can make some money with these left and new edges.

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5 Best Ways To Dispose Of Old Circular Saw Blades Safely

Those are the best ways and are also very interesting for woodworking enthusiasts. While applying those methods, you must be aware to determine which one suits you. 

Way-1: Dispose of The Old Circular Saw Using Wrench & Screwdriver 

It is the fundamental way to dispose of any circular saw cutters safely. Using any wrench or screwdriver to dispose of the sharper old blades is a holy grail to ensure safety. Here are some steps to take the job with more clarity:

Step 1: Unlock The Machine Shutter 

When disposing of any circular saw blade, you may find a shutter. Pull out the shutter and keep it down. Unlock the shutter to expose the blade’s edges. 

Step 2: Put Solid Wooden Pieces At The Back Of The Saw

Take a solid wooden piece and put it behind the back of the saw. It will prevent the circular from moving while pressuring the bolts to come off. These solid wooden pieces also work as a helping hand to make the disposing job more convenient. 

Step 3: Tightened The Bolts Of The Saw 

Take a wrench; remember it’s not more than 3.3 mm long. Put this over the saw bolts, then pull the bolts anti-clockwise. Once you turn it back, the screw bolts will come out of the fixes. Keep them aside and bring out the circular saw blade from its base. Use an old rug to wrap the edge and store them in a safe place. 

Way 2: Disposing of The Rusty Saw Blades With Hammer 

Sometimes the old circular saw became dusty and didn’t move around the frame quickly. Try out the below to separate the saws without breaking their base if this happens to you.

Step 1: Lock The Saw Bolts With A Wrench 

Try the same procedure to bear the blade’s edges, as I mentioned above. Then take a wrench and put it onto the bottom of the base circular saw. Keep it like the twist will stick the bolts tightly.

Step 2: Check The Tightness Once 

After locking the wrench onto the saw base, ensure that the twist sticks to the bolts tightly. A magnet can also be attached to the saw blades to secure them more tightly and firmly. 

Step 3: Take A Hammer To Beat The Saw Base

Now take a hammer and beat the saw base as much as possible. After giving 2-3 beats, the circular saw blade would be loosened and come out of the saw base. If it got too sticky for the rust, you should grab some oil to lubricate the sides of the saw. After that, unscrew the bolts and nuts with the wrench as you do. Separate the older one and keep this in a safe place. 

Way-3: Remove Blade Using Pliers 

This is the last way to finish the task without using any arbor wrench supplied by the manufacturer to the packages. You can also use the pliers to loosen the arbor nuts. Although it is not easy, doing this process provides the way you want to do it. 

Step 1: Unplug The Circular Saw From The Power Outlets 

First, unplug the connection from the power outlets. Ensure that you remove them from the power socket properly. Do not forget to discharge the battery from the saw to avoid any inconvenience. Then go for the next steps. 

Step 2: Press The Blade, Not Using One Hand

Now put your finger into the blade without using one hand. Try to pressurize the knots as much as you can. It might be challenging, so don’t forget to wear gloves. The blade’s frame may shake or move forward or backward this time. So put any wooden block or any solid pieces to prevent this. 

Step 3: Remove The Nuts From The Base Of The Saw

Take pliers and place them into the bottom of the circular base. Try to remove the nuts by pressing the pliers significantly while loosening the arbor locks. Use your hand to tighten the locks and gently remove the old blades from the base frame

Keep the blade in a safe place and clean the areas properly. Don’t put off your gloves until you decide to keep or use the old knife in a secure procedure. The disposal of old blades involves some risk of facing unwanted accidents.

8 Ideal Tips For Reuse Old Circular Saw: Easy Way To Reuse

Once you know how to dispose of the old circular, saw adequately, keep an idea from the following options on how to reuse the old brochure saw. 

Tips-1: Recycling The Blade At A Scrapyard 

Recycling is the only way for you if you have been a woodworker for a substantial amount of time. Suddenly, you might be faced with a lot of circular saw blades. Don’t worry if those happen to you too. Most cities or countries allow the individual to put the saw blades in a blue bin, then throw them away. 

However, this is a good option for you to recycle the blade at a scrapyard unless there is no other option. If your living locality doesn’t allow recycling those scrap metals, try to contact any nearest place for offloading the blades.  

Tips-2: Sharpe The Old Blade Once Again For Reusing

Reusing the old and rusty scraping blade is another way for you. It is a game-changer for people who don’t want to spend money to buy a new one again and again. To reuse those blunt circular blades, you can take them to the nearest hardware store to sharpen the edges. After that, install them again into the machine to make them workable. 

Tips-3: Repurpose Those Scrape Blades 

As I mentioned above, it comes to your brain that I used to make a sharp knife with those blades. Think about how you could repurpose the old circular saw in a new way on your own, as your mind is a mirror of an imaginary world. 

You can try the DIY tricks on Pinterest, YouTube, and blogs. But turning the old circular saw into a sharper knife is a cheap and ready-to-go project. To create a knife, you need to sharpen the saw and cut it following its shape. 

Tips-4: Make A Garden Weed Cutter

Hold your circular blade saw over the spark or fireplace. Then cold them into the normal water. Layup the metal with a hammer for a couple of periods. After that, sharpen the edges, which you pretend to use as a weed cutter. Use a circular saw to cut the scraping blade into two.

Welding those saw at the bottom to make a hole inside them. It will attach those two parts with bolts and screws. Secure them with screws. Then connect the tool with any old handle or plastic handgrip. Once you finish the work, give a trial by cutting or scooping the weeds from your home garden using the old circular saw.

Tips-5: Make A Jewelry & Ornaments 

You can make fancy jewelry or ornaments through the old circular blades. This is a unique idea to reuse any old left circular saw. To make a fancy earring, pendant, or locket with the saw, you need to use the jigsaw to cut them off and design the blades the way you want.

Then use a sander to give a final polished and well-furnished look. You can carve any usual designs over the ornaments and pour melted gold over these ornaments for a positive outlook. 

Tips-6: Use The Blade For Making A Sharp Ax 

You can use the saw blade to make a sharp ax tool by sharpening the knife with any sharpener tool. A robust ax tool is beneficial in cutting off a thousand pieces of wood daily.

Again, a large ax is often used to do heavy-duty carpeting projects. So try to make a sharp and well-fitted ax with those scraping blades, even if you have one.

Tips-7: Use As A Workshop Clock

Use the old circular saw blade to make a workshop clock. Take one AAA battery and two washers; the washer’s size must be enough to overlap any blades. First, prepare the blade by rubbing the Sharp edges with a sander. It will blunt the blade’s sharp teeth. Then trace the number of the advantages with any permanent marker pen.

Now add all the parts and the washer to the middle of the saw. And place the clock hand of the hour, minutes, and second. Finally, enjoy your work and finish it on time

Tips-8: Make A Saw Blade Painting Or Donate Them 

Use the left saw blade to make a fantastic home decor painting. With a coat of paints and primer, you can make a good showpiece, an artificial photo frame. Some schools buy those old saw blades as they have made the students make artistic objects. Therefore, you can donate them to a school, wood shop, art department, or other theater programs to earn money.

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Disposing Of Old Circular Saw Blades

Some silly mistakes may be fatal if you avoid them. However, avoid making those following mistakes while disposing of the old saw. 

1. Avoid Keep Finger Onto The Trigger

Avoid keeping your finger on the trigger whenever you carry the circular saw. If your finger is on the trigger, you might unconsciously press it, and it begins to start. So find another way to carry the saw. 

2. Touch The Blades With a Bare Hand

Always try to wear hand gloves whenever you touch the blades. Otherwise, there is a high chance of cutting the finger by ignorantly touching the edges. 

3. Do Not Push The Handle Outside 

Do not push the handle outside the blade stuck to the frame tightly. Moving them hard may break or damage the blades badly. So remember to make it gently and keep away from the uncertain hazard.

4. Beat The Arbor Lock Nuts With Hammer Lightly 

Beat the rusty or old circular blades and arbor lock nuts with a hammer lightly. Do not beat it; try your heart and soul to avoid difficulty. If you hit the lock too hard, it may break or be damaged ultimately.

5. Use The Manufacturer Arbor Wrench Always

 Using the manufacturer’s arbor wrench is safe to dispose of the blades safely. But if you don’t have another option or if it is not available to you right now, then use alternate ways. Hence, using the manufacturer wrench is better and more worthy for the job. 

Related Questions:

Where Do You Dispose Of An Old Circular Saw Blade?

The most recommended way to dispose of those blades is to recycle them at the nearest scrapyard. You can donate those old blades to any hardware shop as they use those metals to make other accessories. Old circular saw blades are often sold into the market like any metal piece, which is an excellent earning option. 

You can dispose of them in any local art school, art department, or theater program. An old circular saw blade can be a good garden weed cutter too. Digging the planting field with sharp teeth makes your gardening job more facile. 

How Long Does A Circular Saw Blade Last?

A circular saw blade can last about 2-3 months or more. It depends on how often you take care of this blade. Mainly, the circular blades’ longevity depends on the quality and material it was made of. 

This term is also related to the working atmosphere of your projects. If you’re a professional Carpenter, you might need to change it for the loss of sharpness. You might replace them for unpredictable damage or accidents. 

Can You Recycle an Old Circular Saw For Another Use?

You can recycle the old circular saw for many uses. Most retailing shops such as eBay and Walmart buy the reuse of old antique saw blades with an average sell price of $8-$425. It may vary the condition and the material of the circular edges. 

Again, you can donate them to any school, college, or art department. Some people use those blades to make sharp knives. You can also decorate them at your home or garage as clock showpieces.

What Can You Do With Old Circular Saw Blades?

You can use the old circular saw blades for many purposes. You can make earrings and necklaces with old circular saw blades. Some prefer to build up a fishbowl stand. 

On the other hand, old circular saw blades are also an excellent option for making a razor scraper. An arrow tip for hunting can also be caused by this old one. Fancy keychains, wall hangers, and embellishing a blanket or a rug are some unique tips you can make with these saw blades.

Can You Make A Knife From A Circular Saw Blade?

You can make a sharp knife from a circular saw blade. For making a knife, you need to frame the structure first. Then cut out the knife with a figure that scratched and sharpened the top parts of the blade. 

After that, make a wooden handle with the blocks. Take a welding machine to make a hole inside the knife. Secure the handle by screwing it with knots.

Can You Sharpen Old Circular Saw Blades?

You can sharpen the old circular saw blade edges with the files. In most cases, the top teeth of the old circular blade need to be sharpened. Those teeth are usually blunt for continuous use. 

In that case, you can sharpen them with the help of a file. Professionals also sharpen circular saw blades. They used to point them using either a diamond wheel sharpener or carbide blades.

Final Verdict: 

Disposing of the old circular saw blades may not be challenging, but reusing them must be skillful and witty. Whether you learn how to dispose of old circular blades, you know how to recycle them. Because throwing such things outside may bring disaster to the environment and harm the passerby on the street.

It is illegal to dispose of those scrap materials outside in most countries. So it’s better to contact any third party to eliminate this trouble if you don’t want to reuse them. Besides this, sell them in the most prominent shops or retail stores to earn cash.

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